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ONDA Wellness Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 
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Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, Organic Coconut Oil.

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Perfect dose!

Ricky on Oct 2nd 2018

I've tried a lot of different full spectrum CBD products and I've found the ONDA 10mg capsules to be some of the best! Effective enough to deliver the calming and chill but mild enough to avoid any hangover or disruptive effects!

Good Stuff

Tony on Aug 27th 2018

I purchased for my dad because he has back pain. When he and my mom hang out, they walk a lot and my dad's pain hurts more after their weekly trips. This week, I did not hear any comments regarding his back pain. I'll continue to observe his response to the CBD, so far so good! I took a couple to test out it's effects. Went on a one nigh backpacking trip, when I returned I took 2 capsules. I have not consumed CBD before so I did not know what to expect. Took 2 today while working as well. In general, the best way I can describe the effects are, I feel good. My knees and shoulder don't hurt after the backpacking trip (possible because I packed less weight -- they were hurting on the way back). Don't feel like I'm stressing out about work or life (maybe because I had a good weekend). All in all, I have a calm and upbeat mood rather than my normal day-to-day.