CBD for Pets | 600 mg CBD Bottle

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Serving Suggestions

< 40 lbs. = 0.5 dropper.

41 -80 lbs. = 1 dropper.

Over 80 lbs. = 1.5 dropper.

3x Daily.

Start small and increase as needed. Shake well. Add to food or directily to mouth. 


Organic MCT Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract.

Each dropper is +/- 10% of 20mg. 2oz Bottle. 


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Written by Alex on Nov 12th 2019


In the past 6 months my poor 11 year old chihuahua’s seizures have not been well managed despite being on 3 different prescription seizure medications. I was using a lower quality CBD isolate which didn’t seem to help at all. I then decided to switch to a higher quality full spectrum CBD, and thank god I did! My dogs seizures have been greatly reduced and we are on our way to taking her off of at least one of the prescription seizure medications. My dog also has metastatic ductal carcinoma and did not respond well to NSAID therapy and chemo isn’t an option as her liver can only take so much. So it makes me feel better knowing that I’m not completely neglecting her cancer as CBD has anti-tumor effects. As a dog mom and a vet tech I would recommend this CBD oil to anyone and everyone who’s pet is battling with seizures, arthritis, anxiety, cancer, etc!!

Written by Stacey Owens on May 31st 2019

Killer CBD!

I love Onda's pet formula. I use on my dog who has a seizure disorder. When I first rescued her she was on 1000mg of Kepra per day. With the help of Onda Wellness, We've been able to get her almost completely off the Kepra. You can't go wrong with this remedy for your pet!

Written by Stacey Owens on Mar 22nd 2019

We love our Onda Tincture!

I use Onda for my dog, Fiona's seizures. She's doing SO WELL on it. She's on a much smaller dose of her seizure medication with the CBD than without. Unfortunately she can't be taken off of it completely. But with the help of Onda's pet tincture, Fiona can live a much more drug free life than she could without it.

Written by Jamie Preira on Oct 23rd 2018

Love this product!

My older dog who has had lots of issues over the years gets so much relief from this product. He has noticeabley more energy, moves with less strain and loves it dribbled on his food :)

Written by Jamie Preira on Aug 1st 2018

Great product and great service!

We have had a great experience thus far with Onda. Customer service has been wonderful and although with two dogs in the house the bottle seems to run out quickly, we have definitely seen a difference in our one pup that has hip / leg pain. YAY! Thanks!