Onda's mission is to heal the people, empower our farmers, and support the regeneration of the Earth.



  • Health by providing nutrient-dense plant medicine
  • Farms  by producing crops that promote biological diversity
  • Community by expanding financial and social opportunities
  • Earth  by enriching soil vitality through carbon sequestration

When farms minimize off-farm inputs such as trucking in mulch, fertilizers and composts, they are actually reducing their carbon footprint. And by cultivating hemp in particular, they are naturally helping more carbon get out of the atmosphere and back into the soil where it belongs.

– Stephen Smith, Founder / CEO

The concept of regeneration is to make the land and our communities healthier, more resilient, and productive. From the beginning, Onda has been here to be part of this solution by placing regenerative practices at the forefront of our company’s mission.

From healing people to farms to the Earth, we are inspired by and striving toward being whole, healthy, and vital. We believe the concept of “sustainable” isn’t enough. We aim to go beyond by sourcing from farms that are proactive in building soil health through holistic grazing practices, biodiversity, improving the water cycle and restoring ecosystems.

Regenerative is a farming system that creates natural resources versus depending on or depleting them. It is a simple yet profound interplay between the sun and the Earth.

- Jim Fullmer, Hoskins Berry Farm



World’s First Verified Regenerative Hemp Oil

A leader in the regenerative agriculture movement, Land to Market, is the world’s first outcomes-based verified regenerative sourcing solution. The Land to Market Verified program has attracted some of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies, apparel brands and retailers. Born within the Savory Institute, Land to Market uses a science-based approach working directly with raw material producers to enhance transparency and traceability mechanisms across the entire value chain.

Within Savory Institute, the program’s Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) protocol and Land to Market Verified has attracted more than 50 of the world’s leading brands seeking to make an impact on the climate crisis by restoring the land via measurable outcomes in the health of the land as a living system, prioritizing the health of the soils, the presence of biodiversity, and the overall ecosystem function (water, mineral, nutrient, and energy cycles).


World’s First Certified Biodynamic® Hemp Oil

Demeter Biodynamic® Certification is the international platinum standard of farming that combines ancient agricultural wisdom with proven, future-focused science. It takes a holistic, whole-farm vs. crop-only approach. First established in Europe in the 1920s, the Demeter system requires strict protocols to maintain a seed-to-store, self-contained and self-sustaining system that successfully regenerates without external or unnatural additions, including hormones, synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs.



“May my soul bloom in love for all existence.”

—Rudolf Steiner

Biodynamic® is a certified form of regenerative agriculture that goes beyond Organic. It is a holistic, ecological approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition rooted in the belief that mother nature is our best teacher when it comes to farming and food production.

Introduced by Rudolph Steiner in 1924 in Europe, Biodynamic was the first Organic farming program and certification process. It is based on a holistic view of nature that approaches the farm as a living organism in its own right. The product that results is true to the place it came from.



  • Without vibrant, living soil we can’t grow healthy plants.

  • Compost packed with critters, microbes, and humus is the cornerstone of any soil-building program.

  • Includes highly effective recipes for making compost starters, called the Biodynamic® Preparations, which help transform raw manure and scraps into humus-rich solid and liquid composts that naturally stimulate and strengthen soils, plants, and animals.


  • Water quality is just as important as soil quality when it comes to growing healthy, clean hemp.

  • Scientific research is proving that water has a fourth phase in addition to liquid, gas, and solid. Water in this 4th phase, known as living water, revitalizes healthy, biological processes the way healthy food does. Your body wants to transform the tap water you drink into the 4th phase, living water.

  • Biodynamic® farming includes an instruction set for turning “flat” liquid water into living water by spinning or stirring the water in a vessel in a forward-backward sequence that reorganizes the structure of the water.

  • Biodynamic® preparations and composts are stirred into this living water to make compost “teas” that soils and plants naturally crave the way your body craves living water and clean, low-processed foods.


  • Researchers like Maria and Mathias Thun in Germany demonstrated that celestial conditions could impact healthy plants as soil quality.

  • Certain light and air quality, even the relative positions of the sun, moon, and stars, and time of day and year can “fertilize” plants the way healthy soils do.