Onda's Dosage Guide and Reference


  • Start low, go slow

  • Dosage is personal

  • Listen to and trust your body


With any plant medicine finding your ideal dosage is a process of exploration. We always recommend starting low and working your way up to a dosage that offers the desired effects. Because Onda oil contains more naturally occurring nutrients than products extracted using CO2, alcohol, and other solvents, it is essential to remember that the synergistic effect of this array of active compounds has a higher potency than average products.

Where To Start:

When you're feeling symptoms you'd like to address, start with 10mg of our tincture, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. 

Increase by 5mg as needed for desired effects. Once you determine your baseline, enjoy our capsules and tincture independently or taken in layered doses.

Dosing Guide:

  • 10-25mg tends to be suitable for daytime and/or stress management

  • 25-50mg tends to be suitable for the afternoon and/or soreness and inflammation

  • 50mg+ tends to be suitable for evenings and can have more of a sedative effect

*every person is different; these are estimated dosing ranges based on consumer feedback*

Pet Dosing Guide:

For your pets, start small and increase as needed. Add to food or directly to mouth. Below is a guide for our Whole Hemp™ Pets Infusion.

  • < 20lbs = 0.25 dropper

  • 21-40lbs = 0.5 dropper

  • 41-80lbs = 1 dropper

  • > 80lbs = 1.5 dropper

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