"Onda is different than any other CBD that I've tried. Last summer, I used a different company's tincture to assist in my recovery while training for long distance triathlons. After trying Onda, I am wishing I knew then what I know now! With Onda -- I can actually tell that I feel better -- I'm not just convincing myself that I am because of everything that I've read about CBD. Mentally, I can tell it helps to relax/take the edge off my sometimes anxious mind -- but I am still very clear. Physically - I just feel good. The feeling is tangible. And, what more could one want?" -Sarah D., Idaho

"When I first heard these CBD capsules I was hesitant. When I woke up after a 17 mile elk hunt the previous day my hesitation was gone. I slept great, my body felt recovered and ready to continue on. Simply put, Onda's product has allowed me to stay out longer, push my body farther, and sleep better. It's the real deal." -Kevin, Oregon

 "Work related stress is no fun and I've noticed that Onda helps reduce feelings of anxiety and stress related to a fast paced and demanding work life. Onda has a general calming effect and I've noticed a distinct reduction in stress related symptoms." - Ben, California

 " I was having intense neck issues. Waking up with a stiff neck and feeling an irritating tension all day long and not wanting to take an ibuprofen and just suffering it out. I took a 25 mg capsule and within 30 minutes I felt amazing!!!! The tension left and I felt free from the irritation and definitely happier. - Heather, Missouri

 "Onda Capsules are real healers. They've helped me ease back pain, intense menstrual cramps and emotional tension. I can really feel good in my body when I use them. The relief is tangible." - Alyssa, California

 "I feel an improvement on aches and pains. It lessens my anxiety with a general feeling of relaxation without being lethargic. I was very surprised by the anti-inflamatory properties as I have a torn abdomen that is significantly more comfortable because of Onda products." -Joey, Colorado 

 "After mentally exhausting days of work and physically strenuous hours of activities Onda's 50mg CBD capsules help my recovery so I can get back to 100%." - Bryan, California

  "As an aging runner who competes in 50 and 100-mile ultramarathons, I became concerned with the amount of ibuprofen I was consuming for my ever-present aches and pains. I tried Onda capsules as an all-natural way to ease soreness and inflammation and to recover after hard training sessions. I've been thoroughly impressed with the results-- not only does Onda soothe my sore muscles and joints, but it helps me relax without grogginess or negative effects on my mental clarity." - Ed, Colorado