ONDA Wellness | Our Quality Guarantee 

  • Array of terpenes that modulate the cannabidoils and make them more bioavailable and more susceptible for absorption through the blood brain barrier
  • Through our patented process to remove all harmful chemicals like lead and aflatoxins
  • Also tested for residuals and solvents
  • We don’t use solvents only organic coconut oil, water and pressure
  • Completely undetectable for pesticides
  • Highest purity / standard / quality / vegan / cruelty free  
  • Not a single molecule product but rather Full Spectrum
  • More holistic approach valuing all compounds including CBG, CBC and CBN
  • All chemicals have a collective effect not possible with an isolate
  • Lyposolo production in which the CBD molecule is fused into the CBD Oil
  • Not a Crystaline based drug 
  • We preserve the ratio of original genetics in a way nature intended for the body to consume

If you have any issues during the order process please email us at info@ondawellness.com and we will take care of you right away.