Earthy yet elevated, Onda is a regenerative wellness company that exists to heal the people, empower our farmers and support the regeneration of the Earth. Onda Oil helps to regenerate and restore the body so you can live your best life. 


Our Infusion Process

Onda oil is made using a slow lipid infusion process with regenerative female hemp and certified-organic MCT oil, resulting in a more nutrient-dense product that is ultimately more effective. Our old world apothecary approach is unlike than any other product on the market.

The truth is in the green. Onda oil contains just two ingredients: whole flower hemp and MCT oil. (Our Biodynamic line contains Biodynamic-certified Olive Oil instead of MCT oil) Natural-occurring phytonutrients are found in the hemp plant, such as its vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, terpenes, cannabinoids, and polyphenols.

Onda Oil is green in color because we hold onto the chlorophyll (the pigment that makes plants green), as we are minimalists in nature. Why remove what doesn’t need to be removed?

Chlorophyll is a type of polyphenol, and is the green in plants. This molecule (looking near-identical to blood) traps sun energy and turns it into plant food and oxygen. Basically, being the container of life and vitality for all life on Earth. Wow…

Polyphenols, which include hemp flavonoids, are also found in red wine, dark chocolate, and green tea.

Onda Oil is a super ingredient, and we can’t wait for you to experience the difference!


Growing a Conscious, Regenerative Business 

Onda is of the Earth. We believe in working with natural systems when it comes to farming, holding onto the vital life force from seed to sale to provide our community the cleanest possible plant medicine. We trust the plants and believe in a brighter future. 

We are friends first, colleagues second. We are grass roots and big vision; we are fighting for our health, your health and the health of the planet simultaneously. In the ever-changing hemp industry, we feel it’s our responsibility to create and lead with a strong set of standards. We are a part of the greater ecosystem, and have a responsibility to enrich it, never deplete it.

Many traditional business models rely on heavy chemical inputs to rapidly scale, at the expense of substance and true nutrient density. This model doesn’t consider the impact on land, the livelihood of their farmers, or for their customers’ health.


Hemp as a Rotational Crop and Plant Medicine

Using hemp as a rotational crop can be an incredible way to diversify and regenerate any farm or garden. Unlike other plants, hemp can be grown in many parts of the world under varying conditions with little infrastructure. Hemp sequesters more carbon than just about any other crop, and different hemp strains can be used for everything from shelter to clothing, bioplastics, food and effective medicine. Hemp is truly a miracle plant. 

Because we view hemp as a miracle plant with extraordinary potential, we are actively supporting certified Organic and Biodynamic farms in an effort to create an alternative path away from conventional commodity farming and medicine, corporate industrial agriculture, and back towards ancient agriculture and plant medicine.

Our determination is to bring back ancient medicine to heal the modern person and the planet. It’s this intention that allows us to be your trusted source for plant-based wellness.