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Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Coconut Oil.

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Product review

F.M. Weld on Mar 29th 2019

It is early in the process to make significant declarations, but I can say already that I am sleeping like a baby. Thank you.

Great product

Will on Mar 14th 2019

Got a free sample and had heard about using for endurance athletics. I tried these thinking it was most likely just hype. But after trying 25mg on several workouts now, I ordered more and I definitely feel the difference. I have now had several of the best 5-7 mile runs in years after taking these. I have seen a noticeable and measurable improvement (from my Apple watch) with both running or biking long distances (although only on a treadmill and spinner bikes so far). There is a noticeable difference in my attitude and getting in the zone on runs and a clear lowering of my heart rate and ability to run longer. I haven’t tried any other products, but I am really pleased with the results with these and I’m working on dialing in the right amount to take. I also think they help with the recovery. I haven’t noticed a difference in weight lifting, but I feel great after a workout and have a better more relaxed attitude.

Simply better quality

Jessica Johnson on Feb 25th 2019

As someone who has tried a few different CBD formulas, I can say that this is surely the best quality product I have tried! I felt the difference and I slept AMAZING the first night I used these. I'm a believer in the quality and effectiveness of your products, and will definitely purchase again and spread the word!

Great Product

Chris Sutton on Dec 1st 2018

I use the capsules and tincture. Both work great for ongoing inflammation issues, and are especially effective for hard athletic efforts and recovery. I have tried other CBD products in the past, however the results with the ONDA full spectrum extracts are potent, and exceeded my expectations. Thanks for producing a great product for performance, recovery, and keeping the flow.

CBD capsules

Kelly Kirkpatrick on Aug 7th 2018

I recently purchased 40, 25mg capsules for my dad. He suffers from Parkinson’s and has trouble sleeping through the night. He has been taking 1 capsule about 30 minutes before bedtime and has been successfully sleeping through the night. Not only has he been sleeping but he feels better. We’ve tried other CBD products like oils, gummies, etc. but this product has worked the best.

CBD 25mg capsules

sharon on Jul 4th 2018

I have been taking one 25 mg capsule at night for the week, first time trying CBD products and I can tell a difference in my sleeping and my rheumatoid arthritis pain!