Onda CBD in MCT 600MG Tincture

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Our most popular dropper bottle option, this concentration is 10mg CBD per 1ml of MCT oil. Mix it into your food, drinks or enjoy it on its own. 

Start small and find the dosage that works best for you. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract.

Each dropper is +/- 10% of 20mg. 2oz Bottle.

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Written by Jacqueline on Jan 10th 2020

Highly recommended!

The texture, colour and terpenes are so rich! It truly shows the quality behind the oil. It has been by far the best CBD product I have tried. It pairs really well with warm lattes. It has helped me with PMS, it boosts my productivity and it is overall a great balancing tool to incorporate in your day to day life. Plus I really like how transparent Onda is about the process and their goals with the environment.

Written by Sarah Hawkey on Dec 11th 2019


I love love love it!

Written by Carol Thomas on Dec 10th 2019

600 mg CBD Oil Tincture

This is my 3rd order of this product. I love how it keeps me feeling even all day. No highs or lows which is great for me. I sleep so soundly without waking up groggy. I will stay on this product and stay with Onda Wellness for their superior products. Happy Holidays everyone and remain calm.

Written by ginny slim on Dec 1st 2019

Needed mood stabilizer/lifter

I've been taking CBD gelcaps for like a year now for pretty bad anxiety, this is the first tincture i've tried (and i'm ordering my second bottle right now) My assistant tried mine and ordered her own bottle. If you're looking to try CBD tinctures, this is a great one to start with.

Written by Summer on Nov 14th 2019

help with sleep FINALLY + some added benefits

Since my first pregnancy 9 years ago, I have had difficulty sleeping through the night and have tried a number of other CBD tinctures, herbs, and supplements to help with this but nothing has ever worked consistently. I've been using the Onda Whole Hemp Infusion Full Spectrum tincture for the last month and have been sleeping so well. Even when I wake up in the middle of the night, it is for a brief moment, and then without taking more of the tincture, I'm able to fall right back to sleep. FINALLY!!! An added benefit has been that any aches and pains I experience on a daily basis such as lower back pain due to 2 herniated disks, intense menstrual cramping, and muscle fatigue from exercise and physical activity has also been minimized or completely alleviated. I'm so thankful for this product and highly recommend it to friends and family.

Written by Cactus Woodworth-Lies on Oct 24th 2019


I have been using the ONDA CBD tincture now for several months, and I am hooked. It has helped me reduce anxiety, improve digestion, and decrease depression. After having tried other brands of CBD tincture, I am so thankful to have found ONDA. It is the best quality for the best price and is now part of my daily routine.

Written by Kerri Lovell on Aug 2nd 2019

CBD Balm Stick Review

EXCELLENT! I have had great success with pain relief in the balm sticks, and plan to order more right now.

Written by Millie D on Jul 30th 2019


Great product!

Written by Bria on Jul 16th 2019

CBD fibroid pain

I sought out using onda because I felt that a Western Regional CBD product may make a difference in my hunt for pain relief. My journey still continues because I have great menstrual pain due to fibroids however I do feel that onda is doing a lot of things right. The CBD oil smells rich and earthy which is reassuring.

Written by Karen Lindsay on Jul 1st 2019

Best CBD tincture on the market

I love this tincture and recommend to all my friends. I take it every night before bed to encourage a deep restful sleep. Tastes great too, so much better than other tinctures based on olive or other oils.