Our highly effective and clean CBD is extracted using our patented technology in MCT Oil packed in a 2 oz. dropper bottle.

Start small and find the dosage that works best for you. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract.

Each dropper is +/- 10% of 20mg. 2oz Bottle.

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Best CBD tincture on the market

Karen Lindsay on Jul 1st 2019

I love this tincture and recommend to all my friends. I take it every night before bed to encourage a deep restful sleep. Tastes great too, so much better than other tinctures based on olive or other oils.

Great product

Jen on May 22nd 2019

I have seen much improvement in my quality of sleep since using :)

Pleasant Tasting Tincture

Lisa on Apr 21st 2019

This tincture is one of the most pleasant tasting and effective tinctures I have tried. I like it added to a cup of water or make a tea with it at bedtime, and I sleep great! It is also helping my inflammation issues from Crohn's disease. Thank you for a great product!

Better Sleep

Mary Ellen on Apr 17th 2019

My partner Eric and I recently started taking Onda regularly and have noticed deeper more restful sleep. Eric suffers from cluster headaches and after taking Onda his headache went away quickly. We're excited to continue taking our daily dose to see what long term benefits we experience.

Product Review

Jim Angluin on Apr 8th 2019

Great product, I've only started using it recently but I feel like its starting to ease some anxiety and is helpful as a sleep aid. Although these benefits that I've listed are not the main reason for using the product, I am extremely excited at the broad range of benefits this product offers. I will continue to use this product but I will also continue to experiment with all Onda products in attempts to remain as healthy as possible. Keep being classy Onda!!!


Elizabeth on Mar 16th 2019

This is only my second bottle of Onda, but I’ve referred so many friends because it works and it’s a high quality product. I worked in the cannabis industry for several years and this is one of very few companies I would recommend. My sleepless nights are gone! Thank you Onda family!!!


Jay Curry on Feb 16th 2019

Very impressed with the product. Have taken it before bed and I get a very restful night's sleep and feel more recovered the next day to get on my bike and ride!!


Rob Ford on Sep 14th 2018

Thank you guys - fantastic product, got the people labeled dropper for Nancy, our cats, and I. Helps the fuzzy dudes out w/ their achey joints and street fights, helps Nancy and I feel rounded out and in flow.