Innate Immunity

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Boost Your Innate Immunity with Organic Herbal Support

Our Innate Immunity (formerly Immunity Infusion) is a proprietary blend of immunity-boosting herbs and Onda’s Whole Hemp™ CBD. This infusion helps to equip your body and mind with herbal support against illness, calm your mind, and clear your head if you’re feeling under the weather. Enjoy alone or with our Whole Hemp™ CBD Infusion for an extra boost of calm and clarity.

Whole Hemp™ CBD contains nutrient-dense compounds and phytocannabinoids that have been shown to improve mood, calm anxiety, and regulate stress levels.

Black Elderberry is used for respiratory support during signs of flu symptoms, as well as to help ease and shorten the symptoms of common colds and flu.

Echinacea has been shown to improve immune health and may have antiviral effects against several respiratory viruses.

Oregano oil is an effective natural antibiotic and antifungal packed with antioxidants.


Ingredients: Organic CBD hemp infused Organic MCT oil, Organic elderberry syrup (Organic cane sugar, water, lemon fruit juice), Organic echinacea (Organic vegetable glycerin, Organic raspberry concentrate, Organic citrus extract), Organic hemp seed oil, Organic oregano oil (Organic extra virgin olive oil). No CO2, alcohol, or other solvents.

Directions: Shake well before use. Adults take 1 dropper 2-6 times daily or as needed.

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