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  • Rejuvenate with Solid Sleep™

This formula delightfully warms and easefully soothes as it lulls you to sleep. Solid Sleep is formulated to support the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems as they return to a resting state. With a hint of spice we know Solid Sleep is a great addition to a warm cup of tea and your sleep routine.

Made with Onda Extra Strength Oil. 2 oz bottle = 1500mg CBD and 0.5 oz bottle = 375mg CBD.

Ingredients: Land to Market Verified Regenerative Hemp*, MCT oil*, Chamomile*, California Poppy*, Hawthorne Berry*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom*.

*USDA Certified Organic Solid Sleep

    Solid Sleep

    Introducing Solid Sleep - Your Tranquil Nighttime Companion Crafted with care using whole plant botanicals, Solid Sleep stands apart from the crowd by avoiding extracts in favor of a more natural approach. Following the same meticulous process as...
    $30.60 - $98.00
  • Content Mint Content Mint

    Content Mint

    Our Best-Seller Onda Oil with a Kiss of Mint   Regenerate and refresh your body and mind with our new limited edition mint-infused Onda oil.  Why mint? We chose mint for its commonality as a garden herb, culinary wonder, and for its ancient...
    $20.40 - $78.00
  • Nourish * Body Butter Nourish * Body Butter

    Nourish * Body Butter

    Skin Food that Nourishes from the Outside In A rejuvenating blend carefully crafted to give your skin the nourishment and balanced care it deserves. Enriched with a harmonious combination of organic ingredients, including Onda Oil, babassu oil, golden...
    $40.80 - $108.00