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91a85f09-693a-4817-9e95-9211f0ae47b1.pngOur Best-Seller Onda Oil with a Kiss of Mint


Regenerate and refresh your body and mind with our new limited edition mint-infused Onda oil. A collaboration project with Kiss the Ground, Content Mint, is a true (and tasty) manifestation of Kiss the Ground’s mission in awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration. 20% of your purchase directly benefits the Kiss the Ground Impact Fund.

Your donation to the Impact Fund directly supports initiatives that fund farmers and transitioning farmland, regenerative advocacy and activism, and policymaking.

Why mint?

We chose mint for its commonality as a garden herb, culinary wonder, and for its ancient medicinal applications as a refreshing, calm-inducing burst of flavor and smell. For thousands of years, mint has been used both for flavor and medicinally.

Mixed together with our Whole Hemp™ CBD oil makes for the perfect medicinal, flavored base for coffee and tea, smoothies, baked goods, cocktails, skincare products, or as is.

Our Whole Hemp™ CBD goes beyond full spectrum by retaining the most dynamic array of hemp nutrients possible. Our artisanal lipid infusion process requires attention and care to slowly craft this oil from verified regenerative lands.


Ingredients: Land to Market Verified & Organic hemp-infused in Organic MCT oil. Organic mint infused in Organic MCT oil. Solvent free.

1ml = 10mg = 30 drops

Directions: Shake well before use. Adults take 1 dropper 2-6 times daily or as needed.