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Whole Hemp™ Infusion & Capsules: What Are They & How Much Should I Take?

Whole Hemp™ Infusion & Capsules: What Are They & How Much Should I Take?

Posted by Erin Willis on Apr 6th 2022

Two of the biggest questions we get at Onda are:

"What is Whole Hemp?"
“How many milligrams do I take?

While legally, we can’t directly answer the latter question, but we can explore what makes our Whole Hemp™ Infusion line so unique and how these products can help both first-time and experienced hemp medicine enthusiasts.

CBD Capsules CoconutThe Bases of Onda Whole Hemp™ Oil: Our Star Ingredient

Our hemp is organically and regeneratively grown in the USA under the bright, Oregon sun. Because this hemp is so well taken care of, we do our best to bottle up as much of its vitality as possible by holding onto its naturally occurring constituents through a slow, methodical lipid infusion. We believe the hemp plant exists together for a reason, and the result of this is Onda Oil.

Think of the difference between Onda Oil and other hemp-derived CBD oils as eating an orange versus drinking water mixed with an Emergen-C packet. In maintaining the whole plant's integrity we get to produce the most bio-available product possible.

What is inside Onda Oil?

Essentially, we infuse Certified Organic coconut oil (and Certified Organic MCT oil for our tinctures) with our Verified Regenerative hemp. Through time, heat and water pressure, the coconut oil pulls the plant nutrients from the hemp fiber. The result is phytonutrient-dense, cannabinoid-rich green and lush Onda Oil. From here, Onda Oil is portioned off into 25 and 50 mg capsules, and the 600 mg and 3000 mg tinctures.

Holding onto the vitality of our hemp from seed to bottle is our priority so that we can provide our community with the cleanest, most nutrient-rich plant medicine. Onda oil is the base ingredient in all of our products. Our Whole Hemp™ product line is the purest version of Onda Oil. This includes,

  1. Whole Hemp™ Capsules
  2. Whole Hemp™ Infusions
  3. Onda Starter Kit

Read more about our patented lipid extraction process here.

How Much Onda Oil Should I Dose?

Well, it’s really best practice to steer clear of “should” phrases, and particularly because our federal government absolutely puts the kibosh on anything that resembles prescriptive language, this is a difficult question to answer. However, here are some ways to tryout Onda’s CBD Capsules and see how it works for you:

1. Experiment

If you are new to Onda Oil, check out our Starter Kit. Here you can start with 10 mg of the tincture on an empty stomach. This can give you a sense of what our lowest dose will feel like in your own body. Because every person’s endocannabinoid system is a little different, it is smart to conduct your own discovery mission. In the same way, some people can eat chocolate before bedtime and others can’t even smell it without rearranging the furniture just to burn off some steam, cannabinoid-rich Onda Oil can produce different effects in different bodies. Get a sense of what 10 mg feels like and work your way up from there.

Feel the CBD Flow

2. Exercise

Take a 25 mg capsule and take a run. If you’re already a runner, that is. You could also swim, ride your bike, walk, any sort of physical exercise that is normal to your existing routine. 50 mg can be a great way to feel how CBD helps with your recovery and affects your ability to drop into a flow state.

CBD and Exercise

3. Explore

If you have trouble sleeping, try 50-100 mg before bedtime. Several studies have been conducted showing the effectiveness of phytocannabinoid supplementation for people who suffer from insomnia and sleeplessness. With relaxing properties and the ability to buff out our anxious edges, Onda Oil can be a wonderful ally in coming down after a long day of work or finding rest on a long flight.

The Takeaway:

Hemp-based CBD products are becoming increasingly popular due to their many potential health benefits. Studies of cannabinoid-rich oils are shown to help with anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, among other things thanks to our endocannabinoid system. Onda Oil is the resulting ingredient that uses a patented lipid extraction process to create a phytonutrient-rich, cannabinoid-rich green oil.

Use these three examples as a jumping-off point for your own exploration with Onda Oil in the form of tinctures and capsules. Mix and match both dose and activity. Write your experience down. Do you like to read a book with a good cup of tea? Blend a dropper of 20 mg into your morning tea before a reading session. Do you have a leisurely goal of taking better care of yourself before bed? Dose a 50 mg capsule about 30 minutes before bed for deeper relaxation.

The good news is that Onda Oil is a gentle addition to your existing lifestyle. Hope you feel better informed and ready to go forth and conquer your flow!